[Updated] Notice on Finishing TRX Mainnet Token Swap & Resuming TRX Deposit & Withdrawal

2018-07-10 19:10:36 Source: CoinEgg Author: CoinEgg

Dear Supporters:

The deposit/withdrawal for TRX now is resumed. All ERC20-based TRX tokens have switched to Tron mainnet tokens.

Attention:COINEGG only supports the deposit/withdrawal of new TRX working on mainnet after the token swap. For your financial security, be sure to use new addresses when transferring.

July 10, 2018


Dear Supporters:

We are now partnering with Tron team and performing mainnet token swap. The deposit/withdrawal for TRX has been suspended. All ERC20-based TRX tokens will switch to mainnet tokens. We will resume the deposit/withdrawal when the new network gets stable. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Since NEW TRX addresses are generated, the old TRX addresses will be discarded. The deposit to old address will be irretrievable. Please deposit with NEW addresses.

Risk Warning:
Digital assets are innovative investment product, and the price is volatile and unpredictable. Please make rational decisions when investing.

Enjoy your trading on CoinEgg!

July 10, 2018