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KMC Listed

2017-12-21 14:56:49 Source: CoinEgg Author: CoinEgg Read: 486

Dear Supporters:

The deposit for KMC will be available at 7:00 (UTC) on December 22. KMC/BTC and KMC/USC trade will begin at 7:00 (UTC) on December 23.

About KMC:

Koumei Cottage is committed to creating a fair, secure and efficient market platform for socialized prediction, connecting each wisdom with the power of blockchain and gathering the knowledge and experience of each participant to make accurate predictions about events. Open, transparent and tamper-resistant features make prediction process open and fair, safe and reliable. Through the economic incentive mechanism, participants can truly express their own judgments on upcoming events, greatly reducing the randomness of human predictions and maximizing the advantages of socialized prediction.

Website: http://www.koumei.io

Whitepaper: http://asch-public.oss-cn-beijing.aliyuncs.com/Koumei/Koumei_whitepaper.pdf

Risk Warning:

Digital assets are innovative investment product, and the price is volatile and unpredictable. Please make rational decisions when investing.

Enjoy your trading on CoinEgg!

CoinEgg Team

December 21, 2017