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2018-10-31 17:31:01 Source: CoinEgg Author: CoinEgg

Dear Supporters:

The deposit for Fiii will be available on Oct 31. Fiii/BTC and Fiii/USDT trading pairs will be available at 5:00 (UTC) on Nov 1.

Introduction to Fiii

FiiiCOIN is developed based on FiiiCHAIN, a versatile, fully self-developed blockchain technology powered by its very own consensus mechanism DPoC (Delegate Proof of Capacity).

Compatible with multiple terminals such as computers, smartphones, tablets and all FiiiGROUP-issued terminals, FiiiCHAIN DPoC paves the way for unprecedented participation in the cryptocurrency market where virtually any user with free storage or memory space is able to partake in the mining process.



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Risk Warning:

Digital assets are innovative investment product, and the price is volatile and unpredictable. Please make rational decisions when investing.

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Oct 26, 2018